We believe in as team, when it comes to adventure. That is why collaborating the experience of last 10 years with legally authorized business could be a better option. That is also a strength which could initiate to amalgam the professionalism in personal manners. Hence we assure our guest will get a perfect experience of travelling in Nepal as we are eager to explore Nepal and its village on every visit.

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As a return customer I can't recommend enough the experience of these trips as well as photographic opportunities that surpass all expectations.  In addition I have now visited the reptile centre, as part of the extension, twice. Both times I have been delighted with the skill and expertise of the rangers there.  The opportunities set up for photography are exceptional and that coupled with Stu's masterclass in close up and macro

Dear Wild4,  Very many thanks to all of you Stu, Ann, John, & Justyna - for a wonderful trip. We really enjoyed our two weeks with you - the organisation was superb, the food was excellent and the guiding and photographic advice from you. Stu, was invaluable. I am sure that without your expertise we would never have seen as many animals or got as many images as we did. Several ...

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